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This is a list of a number of speculative evolution projects and scenarios that exist on the wiki, so if yours it not present, feel free to add to the list (along with a description). For more details, see Project Overviews.

Alternative Evolution[edit source]

Project Description Owner
Dinosaurs of the Ice Age Dinosaurs of the Ice Age is about a major glaciation stemming from the relatively minor Tithonian-Berriasian glaciation, putting an end to many dinosaurs on Earth. Cryptile33
Featured Article Card.png Eocene Split Eocene Split is a Palaeogene split in which the Grande Coupure (also known as the Eocene-Oligocene extinction) never happened. Myotragus
Frozen in Time Frozen in Time explores the possibilities of a world in which the Cryogenian glaciations lasted until the Triassic of our timeline. Marcello27
Silent Skies Silent Skies details the evolution of life on Earth and Theia if Theia never collided with the Earth. MagneticHyena
Triassic Divergence Triassic Divergence is an alter evo in which the Triassic-Jurassic extinction never occurs. Streszhoun
Featured Article Card.png What if the Asteroid Missed? What if the Asteroid Missed? asks the classic question of what would happen if the six mile wide asteroid creating the Chicxulub crater never hit. KaptainWombat
Xenarthra Australia Xenarthra Australia poses the question on what would occur if species in the superorder Xenarthra migrated towards Australia instead of South America and colonized a land without fewer sources of competition. Whanggoldpaw

Exobiology[edit source]

Project Description Owner
Animula Animula is an alien planet which supports life, including animal-like creatures, plant-like creatures, and the strange Motoplantae, all amazingly different from life on earth. Harekiller
Terra Chordata Terra Chordata is about a planet named Auster in the Epsilon Eridani system which has been seeded with life by humans; this life includes many chordates. Marcello27
Thalassa Thalassa is a habitable moon that harbors multicelluar, carbon-based organisms. It is a beautiful and stunning satellite that is beyond human imagination.  JaggerButtermilk

Future Evolution[edit source]

Project Description Owner
Featured Article Card.png Future of The World Future of The World is about the next era of Earth's history, the Basilozoic era, during which a mammalian domination is eventually replaced by a reptilian one. KaptainWombat
New Pleistocene New Pleistocene is a future evolution project creating a more plausible reality of the 5 million years section of The Future is Wild. Whanggoldpaw
The Ornithocene The Ornithocene is a dive into the possibilities of a future where a WWIII extinction event destroys almost all terrestrial mammal life, with birds rushing to fill the evolutionary gap. Lord of Sealand
While We're Gone: The Future of Planet Earth In a gradual look into the world after us, humans have decided to jump Spaceship Earth, and colonize elsewhere. At the same time, they release various highly-powerful satellites to monitor life and how it progresses. Dinoboygreen
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