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The predator rats are a group of carnivorous rodents from Dougal Dixon's After Man: A Zoology of the Future. They evolved from rats, hence their names. After the Age of Man, the extinction of most carnivorans gave rats a chance to take over their niches. In the distant future, they diversified, having to take the place of the ordinary mammalian carnivores - lions, tigers, wolves, weasels, and even pinnipeds - and evolved a similar form, although they have retained primitive features, like a long hairless tail. They have become Earth's principal carnivorous mammals.

Species of Predator rats[]

Falanx (Amphimorphodus cynomorphus)

The falanx is the most common species of predator rats found in temperate latitudes of the Northern Continent.

Rapide (Amphimorphodus longipes)

The rapide, a native of the temperate grasslands of Eurasia and Africa, is built for speed. Its highly flexible spine gives it the added impetus to reach speeds of over 100 kilometers per hour.

Temperate Ravene (Vulpemys ferox)

The temperate ravene, from the temperate woodlands of Eurasia, is about the size of the extinct fox or wildcat and preys on smaller mammals and birds. It has long claws and pointed stabbing fangs.

Janiset (Viverinus brevipes)

The janiset, from the temperate woodlands of North America, is a long-bodied, burrowing predator, strongly resembling the extinct stoats and certain other weasels, and like them will swim, climb trees and tunnel underground in pursuit of its prey.